Station-Lab - Who are we?

Station-Lab is a creative mobile application development, consulting and marketing company. We provide services for clients to generate new revenue channels and maximize their ROI. Station-Lab utilizes both Agile and Scrum development processes. The Station-Lab Mobile experience is comprehensive and offers the best in customer service and support. We are experts at creating brand identity in the mobile space. Our growing and diverse client portfolio give us the opportunity to work on a variety of unique projects every day. We look at each project as an opportunity to raise the bar, generate new revenue streams, overachieve on client’s expectations, and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Station-Lab - Why work with us?

Our work illustrates the convergence of creativity and innovation for the best mobile app development experience. We develop a wide range of innovative applications for many platforms. Ranging from educational apps to social networking, B2B to Enterprise, secure communications to Web and more. We strive to produce creative and innovative software to build our clients’ businesses. Our experienced team consists of experts on mobile platform development who understand what is required from architecture to deployment. Station-Lab has the ability to create stylish and intuitive apps for companies who expect the very best in mobile platform development services.

Our Services

Moving from the vision to a concrete product is difficult.


We help businesses embrace digital transformation that consolidates the change in the following areas:

• Industry Consulting

Station-Lab offers consultation services to lead clients through all aspects of mobile application ideation, design, development, business modeling and marketing. For new technologies and concepts, we offer a discovery phase to research the feasibility and analyse the most profitable and scalable route. From the initial idea, we pull from our experience to outline possible strategies and we pride ourselves on our ability to focus on our clients’ vision and determine the key strategies to achieve projected goals and ROI potential.

• Strategic Branding

Creating a new brand identity or integrating an existing one into a digital property requires a strategic vision. How a brand traverses mobile, digital, print and other forms of media is something Station-Lab has mastered through years of working with many consumer brands. Many forms of branding are created with the foresight of a growing identity. We consider all key aspects such as flexibility across different forms of media, a consistent color palette reminiscent of the industry, and a design layout that maintains a focal point.

• Innovative Design

With an eye on the new emerging designs that come up everyday, our designers create new and inspired ways for the users to interact with an app. Our UX designers stay up to date with the newest practices of improving the usability of an app to make it more intuitive, and the UI designers create engaging designs that represent the brand strongly. The UI is known to grab the audience, and the UX makes them want to stay. Station-Lab creates a delicious environment mixing the two perfectly aligned for your product.

• Top-Level Development

We provide full in-house development for mobile applications, Web and Back-Office driven apps. Additional services are also available: prototypes, landing pages, and custom CMS (Content Management Systems). We support all of the latest platforms including iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Wordpress and HTML5. When needed, "rush" scenarii can be facilitated to meet our client's deadlines. Additionally, we will oversee the application submission and review process for each individual app store.

• Effective Marketing

Our clients will benefit from our vast knowledge of mobile marketing strategies and virtual media campaigns. A team of experts will assess the language, communities, websites and conversations your brand needs to be engaged in. We create the buzz and consumer loyalty by giving your brand a “voice” and designating its culture on sites like social media, blogs, and the press. With a structured plan, we will map out the launch strategy to ensure an initial user base, as well as potential partnerships.

• Startup Partnerships

Station-Lab has helped and worked with many CEOs and Entrepreneurs to understand what is expected from them and how to maximize their effort. We are able to act as CTO for startups that are looking to engage potential investors and assist in creating their investor decks. Our services include matching client projects with major brands, sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. With a staff of Entrepreneurs and Executives, we offer a diverse perspective for the different paths a startup can take.

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